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Betzer - 100 Years

Since 1917 Betzer has been developing and producing screws and cold formed parts of high quality.

The Betzer family founded the company in 1917 and managed the business over two generations. In 1966 the company was acquired by the Hoffmeister Group and the business has been successfully continued and further developed.

At the beginning Betzer manufactured high-standard screws. After the takeover in 1966 the production was consequently modernized and gradually converted to the development and manufacturing of precision screws and cold formed parts made to customers’ specifications. With the development and production of thread-forming screws for metals and plastics a pioneering new product range was successfully launched in the late 1970s. Our comprehensive know-how in the field of individual customized product developments guarantees the success of the company – today and in the future.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing and a team of highly motivated and qualified employees are also in 2017 the basis for the future growth after 100 years of Betzer.

Today, in the anniversary year the shareholders would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and employees for the trustworthy cooperation and for their strong contribution to the mutual success.

Company site at today´s address Heedfelder Street
Cold forming department
1930s - Brochure about lean production
Sales catalogue with ordering instruction
Company growth in post-war period
Impressions of the shop floor
1960s - Betzer advertisement
1966 - Willy Hoffmeister with his sons Hansmartin and Klaus Hoffmeister in the year of company acquisition
1969 - Sales brochure
1970s - Advertising
Plant management Dieter Raulf (left) with employee
Overview with plant extension in 1993
2017 – Impressions of the shop floor and logistics
Betzer-Team in the year of the anniversary in 2017


1917     Foundation by Hugo Betzer
1935     Company extension at „Buckesfelder Street“
1952     Expansion of the company building
1966     Acquisition of Betzer by the Hoffmeister Group
1967     Reorientation to fasteners according to customers´ design
1981     Patent registration of the Pentaform screw
1981     Market launch of the RS screw
1988     First computer system “ODS-Fertas”
1991     Plant extension at „An den Tannen“
1994     QM certification according to ISO 9001
1996     Betzer website
2004     Commissioning of the camera sorting department
2006     Acquisition of the multi-stage coldforming machines from Hana
2008     Commissioning of the Betzer Logistic Center
2012     New enterprise planning system “TimeLine”
2016     Commissioning of the high bay storage for the tools
2017     Centennial anniversary of Betzer

Betzer today

Highly motivated and qualified team of 80 employees
Accurately selected high performance suppliers
250 international market leading, well-known customers
1,500 different active parts
Specialized in small diameter fasteners and thread forming screws
Cold formed parts according to customers´ design
60% Automotive industry
30% Electrical industry
50% Export sales
8,000 sqm shop floor and logistics area
120 machines with state-of-the-art technical standards
7,000,000 precision fasteners produced per day
Numerous products with patent and trademark protection
Future-oriented family owned company