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Betzer has modern, high-performance precision machines for the manufacture of high standard screws and coldformed parts.
The technology of the machines is state-of-the-art, and they are kept that way by preventive maintenance. Process control computers capture the production data on the machines.
Whenever there is the slightest deviation from the set values, the parts concerned will be automatically rejected.

Material flow

Uniform transport boxes ensure a careful and smooth conveyance of half-finished goods between all work stations.
Every batch is equipped with a routing card showing all the relevant data.

Operational data from our production are taken over on-line into our production planning and control system, giving us the possibility of direct production control and transport automation.

This is the basis of an active stock management and of the complete traceability of our products.

External Processes

Heat treatment and plating is contracted out to vendors that are audited and selected in accordance with the latest quality recommendations.

Automatic sorting

Highly sensitive feeding mechanisms and mounting stations on automatic assembly installations require the screws to be automatically sorted in an additional work cycle.
In doing so, the parts are controlled for all features that prove not processable during manufacture. All unacceptable parts are rejected.
The automatic sorting is done on state of the art mechanical roll sorting machines or on high tech camera sorting machines  with 100% check on negotiated items.