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Project management (APQP)

Our task is to advise our customers with regard to the design and usage of optimized fasteners for their purposes.

The production and the costs of a fastener are based on decisions, made in design and engineering process. So the contact to the fastener manufacturer is necessesary in the design state of a product.

The manufacturing process and the price of a fastener are mainly determined by its design. It is therefore advantageous to discuss the design with the customer early in the development phase. This helps to achieve an optimal fastener considering assembly costs and product quality. This is even more important when automatic fastener assembly is in use.

The properties of such an individually designed fastener are fixed in a product drawing.


APQP process:

  • Initial customer contact
  • Technical assistance
  • Design assistance
  • Considering customer requirements
  • Customer inquiry including drawing
  • CAD design by betzer on demand
  • Feasibilty check
  • Calculation
  • Quotation to the customer
  • Initial sample order
  • Initial sample production under serial conditions
  • Initial sample report according to customer´s requirements (e.g. PPAP)
  • IMDS database entry
  • Series release by customer