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Hole and thread forming screw for thin sheet metal

Using the betzer pentaflow screw for direct mounting into thin sheet metal substantial cost savings and significant quality improvements can be achieved.

  • For unstamped, grained or stamped thin sheet metal.
  • The conical point of the pentaflow screw leads to quick hole forming.
  • Special flanks of the thread in the conical part of the shank form the rim of the hole.
  • The pentagon in the thread forming portion assists the centrical tap formation.
  • The pentaflow screw is case hardened and tempered,resulting in a very sturdy screw with high tensile strength.
  • Suitable for automatic assembly.
  • For stamped thin sheet metal.
  • Conical shank end for easy finding and positioning.
  • Truncated point for better protection of sensitive components such as cables.
  • Reduced risk of injury for the operator.
  • In all other respects identical to Form C.

    • Using thin sheet metal reduces cost of material.
    • Economized production sequence by using screws for direct mounting in thin sheet metal without stamping.
    • No counternuts or other fasteners required. Reduced number of assembly components.
    • Short assembly time (cycles), especially when using high speed screw drivers(approx. 3000 rpm).
    • Reduced overall weight of the component or subassembly.
    • Lower overall cost of assembly using pentaflow screws.
    • The positive fit of the pentaflow screw in the self-formed thread prevents spontaneous loosening.
    • Hole and thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
    • Low penetration torques.
    • High overturning torques.
    • Once tightened, the pentaflow screw resists high stripping forces.
    • Little manual contact pressure required.
    • The hole begins to form after just a few turns of the screw.
    • Depending on the thickness and strength of the sheet it is possible to use screw drivers from approx. 1000 rpm.
    • Suitable also for commercially available battery driven screwdrivers (switch-off torque option recommended).
    • The pentaflow screw can be removed and retightened repeatedly.
    • Subsequent screw fastening with standard metric screws possible.


    Movie: Assembly process Form C

    Movie: Assembly process Form F

    Penetration torque