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pentaform II

Thread forming screw for metal connections with dog point

For stamped holes, rims and blind holes in metals.

  • For stamped holes, rims and blind holes in metals.
  • The dog point helps to find the hole and to position the screw rectangular to it.
  • The pentagon-shaped thread forming area helps to position the screw and forms the internal thread in the component.
  •  The betzer pentaform II screw is case hardened and tempered.
  • No thread cutting required  beforehand by using the betzer pentaform II screw.
  • Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
  • Economized production sequence.
  • Reduced overall weight of the component or subassembly.
  • Lower overall cost of assembly using pentaform II screws.
  • Optimal, straight mounting, especially in case of manual use.
  • Low tapping torques.
  • High tightening torques are possible.
  • Maximal load transmission by perfect fitting between screw head and component.
  • Avoidance of notch effect under the screw head.
  • The positive fit of the betzer pentaform II screw in the self-formed thread prevents pontaneous loosening.


Movie: Assembly process


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