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Thread forming screw for thermoplastics

Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.

  • Collar to support the screw driver and increase the load bearing area.
  • Robust screw with large shank diameter to transmit high tightening torques.
  • Large overlap between thread flanks and material provides secure hold in mounted condition
  • Two-step thread flank design prevents spontaneous loosening
  • No previous thread cutting required.
  • Direct mounting without any metal thread inserts.
  • Thin boss design can be realized.
  • The mounted rs-plast screw resists high stripping forces.
  • Short assembly time (cycles) in automatic mounting.
  • Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
  • Optimized load transmission and minimized relaxation due to large overlap between thread flanks and component.
  • The flat thread angle reduces stress in the component.
  • Secure hold due to positive fit in the material.
  • Optimized thread pitch for quick mounting.
  • Minimized penetrationtorque due to lowmaterial displacement.
  • Large overlap of the thread flanks for high overturningtorques.
  • Subsequent screw fastening up to 10 times possible.


Movie: Assembly process


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