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Universal thread forming screw for plastics

The increased use of highly reinforced plastics and compound material places higher requirements on the thread forming fastener. Therefore Betzer has continued to develop the proven rs-plast screw even further:
Compared to the rs-plast screw the new rs-universal screw has a bigger core diameter which allows a higher torque load capacity. Additionally the thread pitch is adapted to the new reinforced plastic material with the consequence of more bearing thread gears at the same screw length. This results in a stronger screw or it allows a smaller screw determination.

  • Robust screw with large shank diameter to transmit high
    tigh­tening torques and axial forces,
    Abgestimmte Gewindesteigung
  • Large overlap between thread flanks and material provides secure hold in mounted condition,
  • Low thread pitch and two-step thread flank design prevents spontaneous loosening,
  • No previous thread cutting required.
  • Direct mounting without any metal thread inserts.
  • Thin boss design can be realized.
  • Shorter screw lengths and smaller thread diameter possible.
  • Short assembly time (cycles) in automatic mounting.
  • Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
  • Optimized load transmission and minimized relaxation.
  • Large overlap between thread flanks and component.
  • The flat thread angle reduces stress in the component.
  • Secure hold due to positive fit in the material.
  • Optimized thread pitch for quick mounting.
  •  Minimized penetration torque due to low material displacement.
  •  Large overlap of thread flanks for high overturning torques.
  •  Subsequent screw fastening up to 10 times possible.
  •  The mounted betzer rs-universal screw resists high stripping forces.


Movie: Assembly process


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