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Betzer fastener-configurator®

This fastener-configurator is an online tool which allows the design and the determination of thread forming screws for direct mounting into metal and plastics.

Based on your fastening task you have the opportunity to design the optimal fastener online. The dialogue system helps you to configure the screw suitable for your purposes. This is done step by step in the shortest possible time by means of the technical drawing generated.
Finally you can send an initial enquiry.


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Quick manual

  1. Specify your fastening task. Determine the material which the fastener should be mounted into
  2. Choose the required head style and the recess.
  3. Then choose the right thread dimension and thread length.
  4. Select the fastener material and the tensile strength.
  5. Determine the corrosion protection / surface plating of your fastener.
  6. Select the quantity of screws you require.
  7. In the box "Remarks / Additional notes" you can give further specifications such as packing and shipping details etc.
  8. On the right hand of the screen the Betzer fastener-configurator will now have generated the technical drawing of your chosen screw in accordance with your specifications.
  9. Now you have the opportunity either to print the drawing or to send an inital enquiry online.