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We specialise in the production to drawing and to order of large series of high-standard screws and cold formed parts.
Basic diameters of material between 1.0 and 11.8 mm. This corresponds to thread dimensions M1.4 to M12.
Shank lengths between 2 mm and 160 mm for products in all quality standards and of all cold formable materials.

Heat treatment and plating is contracted out to vendors that are audited and selected in accordance with the latest quality recommendations.

Our range of products comprises:

  • Fasteners to customer design
  • High precision fasteners
  • Microscrews
  • Cold formed parts
  • Thread forming screws for metal and plastic
  • Special thread screws
  • Weld screws
  • Stepped bolts
  • Pan head screws
  • Knurled screws
  • Special head types
  • Locking devices under the head
  • Self tapping screws
  • Rivets