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Environmental policy

The management of Schrauben Betzer is fully aware that all the activities involved in the design, development and manufacture of our fasteners have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. Environmental protection is an important task for the company. Therefore Schrauben Betzer undertakes to achieve its commercial objectives with due regard for the need for the protection of the environment.
In the production process of fasteners and cold formed parts emissions such as noise, vibrations und discharged air are inevitable. To reduce these emissions as much as possible, we have invested in a lot of technical installations:
Our cold forming machines are assembled on shock absorbers and are fully noise encapsulated. The exhaust emission is vacuumed off all cold forming machines by a central electrostatical air cleaning system.
The heat emitted by the machinery is recovered and is returned to the heating circuit system. Oil, grease and lubricants are collected in the production machines and recycled centrally for subsequent use.
A state of the art washing machine removes oil and lubricants from the cold formed parts. This process is effluent free and the suds are recycled in a closed circuit.
The working environment is kept clean, light and state of the art. The current rules of occupational health and safety are permanently observed -  a basic premise for high quality products at Betzer.
We regard environmental safety as a top management objective and fulfill a „living"  environmental management system.
We are certified to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Due to our quality policy we aim at minimal failure quantities and lowest ppm-levels. We are certain that the fundament for optimal product quality is an active environmental management together with clean, safe and light working places. This benefits all, the customers, the employees and the company.
Therefore we keep a companywide environmental management system voluntarily. In this commitment we involve all, suppliers, vendors and employees of our company.