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Thread forming screws for metal connections.

For the cost saving direct mounting in steel and sheet metal Betzer has developed the Betzer pentaform screw which independently forms its metric thread into the component material. The component should be prepa­­­red either as a blind hole in full material, as ­­a stamped hole or as a rim in sheet metal.

  • For stamped holes, rims and blind holes in metals.
  • The pentagon-shaped end of the shank helps to position the screw and forms the internal thread in the component.
  • The betzer pentaform screw is case hardened and tempered, resulting in a very sturdy screw with high tensile strength.
  • No thread cutting required  beforehand by using the betzer pentaform screw.
  • Economized production sequence.
  • Reduced number of assembly components (no counternuts or other fasteners required).
  • Reduced overall weight of the component or subassembly.
  • Lower overall cost of assembly using pentaform screws.
  • The positive fit of the betzer pentaform screw in the self-formed thread prevents spontaneous loosening.
  • Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
  • Low tapping torques.
  • High tightening torques are possible.
  • Once tightened, the betzer pentaform screw resists high stripping forces.
  • Low manual contact pressure required.
  • Threadforming begins with the first turn of the screw.
  • Suitable also for commercially available battery driven screw-drivers (switch-off torque option recommended).
  • The betzer pentaform screw can be removed and retighten­ed repeatedly.
  • Subsequent screw fastening with metric screws possible.
  • Very suitable for automatic assembly.


Movie: Assembly process


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